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~By Jessica Parkhurst

Men Wielding What?? Oh FIRE!!

Men Wielding Fire is located at 180 E. 1st St. in downtown Reno.  Their hours of op are Mon-Wed from 11am-10pm, Thu-Sat from 11am-1am, and Sun from 11am-8pm.  My visit took place on a Friday night and I thought it was surprisingly empty for a Friday night but that never bothers me, who LIKES waiting forever for a seat?

Once inside the restaurant I headed straight to the bar, I’ve never been able to get into the table setup in the restaurant for some reason.  The walls are VERY yellow with red trimming.  There isn’t much else to the décor, nothing wrong with keeping it simple!  The focus is on the food!

I got my drink order in as soon as the bartender appeared, which was only a couple minutes.  I decided on my food order pretty quick as I have been to this restaurant already quite a few times.  And of course the bartender was there to take my order right away… kinda hard to ignore a customer at the bar!  I decided to think outside the box so I ordered the Polenta with Gorgonzola for $4.99 and then got a Spinach salad for $5.99.  My partner in crime for the night got the Kobe burger with a ciabatta bun, no cheese an ‘freedom’ fries for$10.99.

When I got my meal I went straight for the Polenta which was absolutely heavenly!!  The somewhat bland Polenta was a perfect complement to the tangy, salty Gorgonzola… my mouth is watering just thinking about it… My salad was composed of baby spinach leaves, candied walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese crumbles, pear slices, and champagne vinaigrette.  The salad I have had a few times and is very good; I will say that the walnuts are sometimes inconsistent and appear to be less candied then other times.  I am always annoyed by the small bowl they serve it in; it makes eating the salad a little cumbersome, the bowl also makes the salad seem smaller.

And now… the Kobe burger… Now I am a big fan of their regular burger… for $6.99 you really can’t go wrong and the spices in the burger makes it one of the best burgers in town.  The Kobe burger seemed smaller than the regular burger, it was really pretty thin.  I could taste the difference but I would say the difference didn’t make up for the price or the smallness of the burger.  They also served the burger on a ciabatta that looked like it was meant more for a hotdog or hoagie sandwich which probably didn’t help my perception of getting short changed on the burger.  The fries were very good and I love the seasoning.

Overall I can say I really like Men Wielding Fire and will probably continue to go there… I just wish this restaurant was a little more consistent.  My first two visits there were fantastic beyond belief and I think their burger used to be $5.99 w/out cheese and a much more massive pile of fires which really made them a contender against the Little Nugget.  In my last couple visits, I have noticed portions getting smaller and quality control waning a little.

Anyway, you should give this place a chance and tell me what you think!  I need someone to sway my opinion one way or the other!


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2 thoughts on “Men Wielding What?? Oh FIRE!!

  1. The Burger sounds really good, so does the salad. Maybe it was so little because it was just a side? If you go to the flowing Tide (there are two in Reno, one in the South and one off McCarran and 7th) they have a really good salad just like the one mentioned here and it is pretty good! I’m going to have to check this restaurant out myself sometime! I am always down for a good burger! Thanks for the post!

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