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Siesta-Time at Las Trojes

I had a craving for some Mexican food one Sunday night so I decided to visit one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Las Trojes.  This restaurant in located in Sparks, Nevada at 5272 Sparks Blvd and they are open seven days a week from 11am-10pm.  I have been to Las Trojes many times and it is the best place I have found in town for fantastic enchiladas.

Enchilada Special

The ambiance is pretty typical for a Mexican restaurant; Mexican decorations and pictures adorn the walls.  But I will say that the unfinished ceiling gives this restaurant a sort of warehousy feel.  The host was very nice when we arrived and he seated us right away.  Within a minute I was served the staple chips and salsa along with some water.  The waiter came very quickly and got my drink order… margarita of course!  I was ready to order without even looking at the menu because I always get the same thing; I ordered the enchilada special with one cheese and one chicken enchilada for $8.25.  My boyfriend ordered the Trojes special which is composed of one chile relleno, one enchilada, and one one tamale for $11.95.  And both of our dishes came with rice and beans.

Trojes Special

The food arrived quickly and it was just as delicious as I remember.  The chicken in my enchilada was cooked perfectly and the enchilada sauce was soooo delicious.  I really think the key to an enchilada is the sauce and Las Trojes has the sauce down to a perfectly tasty science.  They aren’t shy with their sauce either as it was loaded onto the Trojes special my boyfriend ordered as well.  Everything was pretty good but I thought the chile relleno could have been tastier; it was a little bland.  I also want to mention the salsa at Las Trojes; it is homemade and it is the perfect combo of tomato and spicy.  I will say the salsa might not be for everyone, especially if you like chunky salsa.  I like my salsa on the smoother side so no chunks are perfect for me! When we were finished with our meal there was no waiting for the check (which is a good thing in my book).  We paid at the front and were on our way in a jiff!  I kinda like that Las Trojes has their customers pay at the front just because then there is no waiting for the check to come back and no rush if you want to finish your drinks and chat.

If you are looking for a really good enchilada Las Trojes is definitely the restaurant to visit, I have tried many Mexican restaurants and none of them even come close to the tastiness that Las Trojes delivers with their enchiladas.

Has anyone else found a Mexican place that they would highly recommend to me?  (Especially in reference to an excellent enchilada.)


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2 thoughts on “Siesta-Time at Las Trojes

  1. Carol S. on said:

    We’ve had really good luck at La Fonda – it’s in the old Murrietta’s location on Neil and Peckham. Try the Molcajete Azteca – it’s unique, authentic mexican and truly one of the best dishes I’ve had in Reno. My husband and I normally split it with an extra side of Rice and Beans as it is large, but a great value for about $15 + cost of extras.

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