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~By Jessica Parkhurst

Bad Server With a Capital B at BJ’S Restaurant and Brewery

I visited BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse located at 425 Sparks Blvd. in Sparks, NV on a Sunday evening for dinner. I have mixed feelings about my visit there so I will write this blog and let you be the judge.

The décor in BJ’s is a mix of American Pub décor and modern styles. The atmosphere is really nice and the light fixtures are very modern. The restaurant is full of red upholstered booth seats with a few pub style tables in the bar area. When I walked into the restaurant I was greeted very promptly by the hostess and I was seated right away. I was given water right away and the waitress (whose name was Lindsey and you will understand why I’m naming names this time as you read on) came by to get our drink orders.

Side Salad

It didn’t take me long to make up my mind because I have had the pizza at the location in Reno before and knew it to be some of the best pizza in town. The waitress took quite a while to get back to our table but it was REALLY busy so I expected that my dinner might take a bit. When she came back with our drinks I placed my order. I ordered the chicken wontons appetizer served Thai style for $2.95, a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette for $2.95, and a medium Spicy Meatball deep dish pizza that I requested no onions on and I wanted bacon added; the pizza was $22.75 (Sorry there is no pizza pic… got a little distracted due to the events that unfolded).

The salad arrived within minutes and was delivered to us by another waitress; it was amazing how fast the salad came out! The pizza on the other hand took forever and we also never received our appetizers; I told Lindsey when she delivered the pizza. She wasn’t very friendly or apologetic about forgetting the appetizers, in fact she acted like we were an annoyance to her so I told her to just forget the appetizers. I also asked the waitress for some ranch to go with the pizza and we each wanted a new drink (we had empty glasses for quite awhile now). It only took us each a bite to realize that our pizza was wrong and when we finally were able to waive the waitress down and tell her so she literally made a disgusted gasping noise and started walking away; as she walked away she said that she would have the manager over and before she had her back turned to us I literally saw her roll her eyes at us and shake her head…. now the experience had made a turn for the worse and I was fuming; I have never been treated so horribly by a server in my entire life! (And she still hadn’t brought me the ranch I requested).

Chicken Wontons

The manager whose name was Eric came over to find out what was going on with our order. Eric was very courteous and explained that he would have our appetizers out and our pizza remade. He also expressed that he wanted to make things right and asked up what he could do for the inconvenience. I suggested maybe comping a drink or two and he said his manager didn’t like him to comp alcohol so he would come up with something else. The waitress came by a few minutes after the manager left and asked us what had happened and we told her he was remaking our pizza so she took the pizza we had in front of us away (still no ranch). Our appetizers were delivered to us by another waitress again and it was a good thing they came because I was starving… I think at this point we had been there an hour or a little over that.

The pizza still took another 20 minutes to get to us and this time it was done right. I still had not received the ranch I requested and after trying to get the waitresses attention when she passed us by two times (she was most definitely ignoring us on purpose at this point) I almost had to shout to get her to come over to our table at which point I asked her for the ranch again. She came back with the ranch about 5 minutes later. The manager came back over to our table towards the end of our meal and told us he had comped the pizza and asked if there was anything else he could do… I told him no and that he was really excellent and that I appreciated his efforts. I didn’t say one word to him about how rude and atrocious our waitress was and how bad she was at being a server. I literally considered giving her no tip which I have NEVER done in my life. Even thought her service was the worst I have ever received I still gave her an $8.00 tip which is far more than she deserved.
I can honestly say that I will probably never go back to BJ’s in Sparks which is too bad because they have great food and a great manager. But, if BJ’s is hiring this kind of low caliber server I can’t say I want to visit them again; I don’t go out to eat and spend my hard earned money so I can get treated like shit by a server.. excuse my french.
It’s really too bad that horror stories like this happen; do you have a restaurant horror story, because I’d love to hear it… tell me where I don’t want to go eat this time!

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One thought on “Bad Server With a Capital B at BJ’S Restaurant and Brewery

  1. It was so surreal reading your post today because I had the SAME experience with a server at BJ’s, but the BJ’s in Reno. I have never been back to either one, because of the horrible way I was treated, much like you were. If they keep letting servers get away with attitudes like this, they’ll be out of business soon! Thanks for the great post!

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